Cooled process, from start to finish

The processing trajectory is state of the art and largely mechanised. In this way, the time between mussels being caught and their packaging is kept to an absolute minimum. Of course, this working method has a positive impact in the pursuit of a “super-fresh mussel”.

During their processing, the mussels are kept at an ideal temperature using cooled water. Storage and transportation also occur under temperature controlled conditions. This guarantees that the mussels are delivered to our customers in the best condition possible which includes the maximum shelf life.

Steps in processing of mussels:

Mussels naturally have small threads – the so-called byssus – otherwise known as “beards”. They use these threads to attach themselves to the seabed and to each other. In our processing factory, the first step is to separate (“de-clump”) the mussels from each other, after which they are run through the “de-bearding machine”.  After the mussels undergo a visual inspection where broken or cracked shells are removed.

An extensive and sophisticated cleaning, selection and sorting process takes place before any of our fresh mussels are dispatched. The approved and cleaned mussels end up in the sorting machine. Here, they are separated according to their size, starting with Extra Select, the smallest, and ending with the largest, Gold Brand.

The Triton mussels are divided into six categories:
• Extra Select
• Extra
• Super
• Imperial
• Jumbo
• Gold Brand

Triton BV treats its mussels with care and dedication.  The company has all the necessary resources in terms of most up to date processing technologies coupled with a very knowledgeable workforce, within an ultra modern factory to delivery the best possible product to its clients.

The final product – Mussels: honest, delicious and healthy

Of course, as mussel processors, we’re not entirely objective, but one thing is certain: we offer a pure, natural product – fresh mussels – that are both tasty and healthy.  Mussels are protein rich and full of minerals and vitamins.

The fact that we, the people at Triton, are allowed to handle and process our products in and around the Oosterschelde in the sunny Zeeland only makes things better.  The mussels are grown and harvested entirely at sea in a mostly natural process and that is something we feel rightfully proud of.


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