Triton stands for an optimal mussel quality

We are totally committed to maintaining the highest food safety and quality standards.    Strict operational and quality procedures are enforced throughout the operation, ensuring that all products are produced, packed and dispatched with the greatest care and to the highest quality levels.

Triton BV operates a Total Quality Management system which is underpinned by:

• IFS: International Food Standard
• MSC: Marine Stewardship Council
• Others ete…..

IFS: International Food Standard

The International Food Standard (also known as the IFS Food) is the standard in the field of food safety and was created by the HDE, the German sector organisation of foodstuff distributors. The French retail-sector organisation, FCD, also joined the IFS norm, and it is also supported by the Italian organisations, ANCC, ANCD and Federdistribuzione.

The IFS works with four so-called “knock-out criteria”

• Control of critical control areas
• Involvement of management and employees
• The traceability of the product and packaging material
• Execution of corrective measures

MSC: Marine Stewardship Council

When fish, crustacean or shellfish product carries the MSC quality label, this tells consumers that the fish was caught sustainably and the process is fully traceable. The MSC quality label is only allowed to be used if:

• The fish, crustacean or shellfish product originates from a fishery that is certified according to the MSC standard for sustainable fishery.
• Every company in the chain between the catching of the product and its final sales channel is certified according to the MSC traceability standard (“Chain of Custody”).

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