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Triton Yerseke B.V. run by the de Koeijer family for over thirty years

The beginning

It was towards the end of the seventies when Cees de Koeijer started working at the shrimp processing company – Van Belzen in Arnemuiden (south of Holland). At that time the Van Belzen company was fully integrated in terms of having its own supply base with a fleet of boats fishing shrimp out of Denmark and suppling the company’s processing plant in Arnemuiden.

There was a decline in shrimp fishing in the Danish waters during the mid1980s and a growth in the mussel growing business off the Danish coast. Coincidentally and at the same time there was a decline in the mussel quality of Zeeland (south of Holland) mussels.  Cees de Koeijer felt that the time was right to diversify and so together with Mr Van Belzen (the owner of the shrimp company) they set up a mussel business.  Cees started to sell the Danish mussels to the local mussel companies in Yerseke. The business of supplying high quality Danish mussels became successful very quickly.  Both Cees de Koeijer and  Mr Van Belzen were very entrepreneurial and knew that someday the high quality of the Zeeland mussels would return again.


As demand grew Cees De Koeijer and Mr Van Belzen had to choose between setting up a new mussel company in Yerseke or taking over an existing one. In 1986, Triton, a small company at the time, became available for sale. Cees De Koeijer and Mr Van Belzen decided to take over the Triton company together.

Cees de Koeijer dedicated himself to the development of Triton and the company soon started to grow. Today, Triton has grown into a significant European player within the mussel sector.

Family businesses are special companies. They regularly put their heart and soul into the improvement and optimisation of their products, services and the company itself. Triton BV and Van Belzen BV are no exception.  The value proposition that a family business offers is central to their daily practice: premium quality and customer-friendliness. These two ideals are central to the way that the business is run and they are the foundation upon which the company works towards its future. The next generation of de Koeijers has already become active within the organisation.

Triton BV is world class modern dynamic seafood processing company.  A company where experience and core competency is delivering quality products all day, every day.


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