Mussel packaging for wholesale and retail

The Triton mussels are packed and find their way to the consumer via wholesalers and retailers.

Leak-proof MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging)

We supply our mussels in leak-proof, transparent and very firm MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging) packaging in the following sizes:
• 10 kg
• 5 kg
• 2 kg
• 1.5 kg
• 1 kg

The smaller leak-proof MAP packaging is best suited for retail distribution.

Jute bags

For large packaging, we make use of the traditional fifteen-kilo jute bags. These are primarily intended for wholesale.  Jute has the advantage that it shrinks when wet thus keep the shells tightly closed and allowing the mussels to retain their natural juices.

Shelf life

The shelf life of cooled mussels in jute packaging is six days. In leak-proof, MAP container packaging, their shelf life is seven days.


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