Triton BV are proud and confident of their product offering

This confidence is brought about by the following pillars

• Geographical Location – the Oosterschelde, Yerseke, in the south of Holland, provides the ideal location providing a natural nutrient rich environment where our shellfish live, breed and develop prior to harvesting. This natural nutrient rich environment allows the shellfish to be pure, healthy and in turn develop a tasty texture.
• The team at Triton are true professionals across all disciplines including shellfish husbandry, quality control, supply chain management etc.
• The Triton BV processing plant has the most up to date processing technologies, which take care of the product all the way through the supply chain from harvesting, cleaning, grading, packing through to product despatch.

In order to be able to supply a fresh, premium-quality product on a daily basis, Triton BV utilises an efficient and practical catching, watering, sorting, packaging and transportation process.

World’s only Mussel Auction

Yerseke is the only place in the world where there is an organised mussel auction which takes place almost daily. Each processing company is given the details of the batches of mussels on offer – such information includes:  the number of pieces per kilo, the mussels’ average shell size and the weight of the mussel meat. All information is then displayed on large screens. This system allows buyers to bid on the batches they need using this automated process.

Holding Sites

When the mussels have been purchased at the auction they are transferred to the company’s licensed natural holding sites, which are in the sea in front of our processing factory in the Oosterschelde. These ‘holding sites’ have the best optimal conditions for the mussels to harden, acclimatise and loose some of their internal sand as the meat develops.

Sometime later the company’s harvesting ship will re-harvest the mussels from the holding sites and bring them to our processing plant. The mussels are placed in re-watering systems using the natural, pure and bacteria free seawater of the Oosterschelde.


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